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About Phi Life Sciences

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Phi Life Sciences is a Molecular Diagnostic and Laboratory Service company located in historic Charleston, South Carolina. We began operations on April 29, 2016. We exist because we want to improve the standard of care through early disease detection and precision medication management that improves the "one-drug-fits-all" modality through affordable, state of the art screening and diagnostic technologies. Our solution focuses on a bench to bedside concept providing doctors and patients with cutting edge screening and diagnostic tools that will find disease in its earliest stages and enable the most effective treatments. Early disease detection and personalized medication management are critical factors in reducing the overall cost of health care and is our focus.

Phi Life Sciences is the bridge between scientists with innovative technologies and the patients and doctors whom they can benefit. We build this bridge through products developed in laboratory services and offered to patients and doctors through clinical services. Phi Life Sciences aims to improve the efficiency, delivery, accessibility, and utility of molecular testing services through innovative technologies, licensed products, and clinically actionable results that empower physicians to deliver precision treatments and diagnoses by incorporating molecular tests that will improve their patients' health.

Phi Life Sciences is located at the SCRA MUSC Innovation Center at 645 Meeting Street, Suite 3, Charleston, SC 29403. The SCRA MUSC Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art research and business facility with lab spaces designed to support medical and bioscience research. Tenant advantages include shared equipment with sub-zero freezers, access to distilled water, autoclave with biohazard waste disposal services, and overhead costs such as utilities and data. This recently renovated historic building earned an 'Excellence in Construction' award from the Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas.

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