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Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing (CGx)
A simple genetic test could help your doctor determine your risk for hereditary cancer.

Phi Life Sciences Cancer Genomic Testing Services

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing analyzes DNA to detect variations in your genes. Genetic variations are normal and are responsible for differences in everything from hair to eye color to predispositions to cancer. Genetic testing is the only way to find your unique gene variations.

What is Hereditary Cancer genetic testing and how can my doctor utilize it?

A hereditary cancer test will analyze your DNA to determine if you have a predisposition to a hereditary cancer. Your provider can act on the results to optimize your healthcare plan.

How can Cancer Genetic testing (CGx) help me?

Cancer Genetic testing (CGx) helps you and your doctor find

inherited genetic variations associated with an increased risk

for developing certain cancers. With knowledge of genetic

variations, your provider can personalize your healthcare plan

based on your CGx results.


Will insurance pay for the test?

Medicare has covered the cost for people with certain

family history or personal history of cancer. Private insurance companies may pay if your doctor considers the test medically necessary. Most common carriers cover the cost after insurance

has been authorized or verified. You may ask your insurance

company if they cover hereditary cancer testing or Phi Life

Sciences can check with your insurance company to see if you

are covered. Phi Life Sciences offers needs-based Financial Assistance Program Phi Life Sciences offers a needs-based

Financial Assistance Program for patients with financial hardship.

Why Phi Life Sciences?

Phi Life Sciences helps to determine your genetic variations that

may increase risk of certain cancers. We have a fast turn-around time which is within three weeks of receipt to the lab. We provide Genetic Counseling services before and after testing to ensure you are supported through this process. 


Only a licensed doctor or other health provider can order a Phi Life Sciences CGx test. Ask your doctor about our genetic tests. Or call your doctor to make an appointment. Your doctor can contact

Phi Life Sciences directly at (888) 576-5445 or email us at to request more information.

Inherited gene mutations play a role in 5 to 10 percent of all cancers.1

1National Cancer Institute (NIH): genetics/genetic-testing-fact-sheet#q4 

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