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Phi Life Sciences is accredited by:
CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) #42D2114196 
CAP (College of American Pathologists) #8079143

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Eric Cap 2023-2025.png


Phi Life Sciences delivers test results for better patient outcomes. Phi Life Sciences strictly follows all laws and regulations set forth by the Federal Government, State Government and regulatory

authorities including Government Healthcare Programs, insurance programs, public and private payers, CLIA, FDA, CDC, CLEP and CAP. Phi Life Sciences strives to go beyond the regulators and do the right thing for everyone who engages with our laboratory.  Our employees, staff and contractors are also required to follow all laws and regulations.  Phi Life Sciences will not associate with any businesses which do not follow the laws and regulations set forth by the regulatory bodies.  Phi Life Sciences offers a form on our website to report any irregularities or send us feedback anonymously.

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