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The laboratory service business is essential for the growth strategy of Phi Life Sciences. Phi Life Sciences’ goal is to focus on bench to bedside concepts using licensed innovations that allow for a revenue generating R&D growth strategy using leading pharmaceutical, academic, diagnostic, and device manufactures' pre-marketed products. Those products that show clinical relevance will be commercialized through Phi Life Sciences laboratories. The laboratory services portfolio consists of three key service lines: Validation Services, Clinical Trial Services, and Clinical Research Specialties.

Phi Life Sciences Validation Services

Validation Services

Validation services run through Phi Life Sciences’ Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliant CLIA laboratory. The focus of this service is to generate data that supports the clinical relevance of innovative molecular diagnostic technologies and devices. Clients that wish to move products through pre-market applications with regulatory bodies such as the FDA, or partner with Phi Life Science's to launch through its product pipeline will use this service for strategic evaluation.  Currently, Phi Life Sciences has one validation contract that started in July 2016.

Clinical Trial Services

By offering custom molecular diagnostic panels, Phi Life Sciences is able to work with the specific data needs of manufacturers running clinical trials. By using companion diagnostics, cohort screening, and trial developed testing,

Phi Life Sciences offers solutions to manufacturers that will increase efficacy, safety and improve the overall outcome

and success of the clinical trial.

Phi Life Sciences Clinical Trial Services
Phi Life Sciences CRO Specialty Services

Clinical Research Organization

(CRO) Specialty Services

CRO specialty services focus on the creation and planning of Phase I-IV regulatory submissions, end-point and retrospective studies, and data generation for our CRO partners so that they can submit applications to regulatory bodies for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and devices.

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