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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive regarding our molecular 

genetic testing services. Feel free to contact us if require more detailed information:

888.576.5445 or

1. What is genetic testing?

Your genetic makeup is different from everyone else's. Variations in your genes are responsible for differences in everything from hair and eye color to how your body breaks down medications.

Gene variations are normal. Genetic testing is the only way to find your unique gene variations.

2. How can genetic testing help me?

Genetic testing helps your doctor find the best medication and dose for you. Different enzymes break down different medications, knowing which gene variations you have is just as important as knowing if you have any. Genetic testing gives you and your doctor valuable information about your response to medications. This information is critical to preventing side effects. It also helps your doctor prescribe the most effective medication and dose for you.

3. Is PGX testing for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, genetic testing might be right for you.

It is possible you have experienced a side effect or adverse (bad) reaction to the medication you

were prescribed. Talk to your doctor about how genetic testing might help.

  • Are you currently taking 4 or more medications?

  • Have you or anyone in your family ever been hospitalized for taking a medication?

  • Have you or anyone in your family ever felt ill after taking a new medication?

  • Has your doctor changed your dose of medication due to a lack of response or a reaction to the medication?

  • Do you take your prescribed medication and you still aren't feeling better?

  • Are you taking or is your doctor considering prescribing you to Plavix® (Clopidogrel), amitriptyline, or nortriptyline?

  • Are you taking any medications for your heart?

4. What type genetic testing does Phi Life Sciences do

       and what do the panels look for?

Phi Life Sciences CARDIAC, GENERALPAIN, and PSYCH panels look for gene variations that affect how your body's enzymes work. Enzymes are substances that cause chemical reactions within the body. Enzymes are involved in all of your body's functions. Some enzymes break down food inside the body. Others break down medications. The Phi Life Sciences panels look for gene variations that affect one family of enzymes. This family is called the *P450 enzymes." These enzymes break down up to 80 percent of all medications.

5. Will insurance pay for the test?

Medicare, Tricare, and VA have covered the cost for people with certain conditions. Private insurance companies may pay if your doctor considers the test medically necessary. You may ask your insurance company if it covers CYP P450 testing, or Phi Life Sciences can check to see if you are covered.

6. How do I get a Phi Life Sciences genetic or PGX test              performed?

Only a licensed doctor or other health provider can order a Phi Life Sciences PGx panel. Ask your doctor about our genetic tests. Or call your doctor to make an appointment. Your doctor can contact Phi Life Sciences directly at (888) 576-5445.

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